my personal style is called “i don’t have the money for my preferred aesthetic”


 my future relationship

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my family uses our august beach trip as an excuse to just buy gross amounts of ridiculously unhealthy food and i’ll like…try to be responsible, i’ll try to only eat when i’m hungry and do healthy foods one meal and shitty foods next meal, not snack too much, etc. so I’m like “no, i’m really full, I shouldn’t go get a drumstick. they just bought them last night. i’ll have one after dinner. it’s the right thing to do, you will make yourself sick otherwise”

well joke’s on me because i go to get a drumstick after dinner and they are all gone. literally every single drumstick is gone from this dwelling. and so are all the goddamn cookies. and the fucking piroulines. the only dessert food left in this god-forsaken den of hedonism is a mashed up twinkie that’s half-open in the back of the box.

that’s what you get for being responsible mallory. this is your just reward for watching what you eat. a mutilated twinkie corpse.

$15 monochrome sketch commissions!


It’s that time again! while I organize my commissions infograph, I’ll be offering these only for a while (while I actually finish the damn infograph)

You get something like this:

  • I’ll draw whatever you want! (WoW, SWTOR, GW2, LOTRO, Wildstar, FFXIV, which ever MMO you play, original characters, etc)
  • You can also pick a colour if my default greyscale isn’t your thing.
  • NSFW is available as tasteful nudes.
  • Keep in mind these will be quick and simple, armour may be attemped, but don’t expect me to replicate it.
  • Include references (visual prefered) or a brief written one (or both!) as well as general personality (brief also)
  • If your character happens to be very complex, there will be an aditional fee.

If interested in one, contact here: » «
(Make sure you label your e-mail with ‘sketches’ or ‘commission’ so your address doesn’t get shoved in the spam bin.

The turnabout of these will go from one to three days after the payment is recieved. (Paypal only)

If you’re not precisely interested, but some of your followers might, I’d appreciate a signal boost!

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"Start ignoring people who threaten your joy.
Literally, ignore them.
Say nothing.
Don’t invite any parts of them into your space."
— Alex Elle  (via thatkindofwoman)



First of all, thank you very much ! Merci beaucoup ^u^

Never excepted so much likes on the legend of Zelda : Feather Time, so I tried to see if it works with some games …. now I think I can see birds and pigeons on everything ! Imagine these epic games only with pigeons and turtle doves !

I’ll call this idea: Story-bird ! 

If you could choose only one game on the list, which one would you choose ? :p 

I can’t get enough of these…

i think my favorite part of swimming in the ocean is that you get such a workout and you really don’t have any idea until you go to lie down in bed and your body is like “take it easy you fucking asshole”


push to talk pikachu doll

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